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The portfolio of our company

Project List

    • ‘DongHee Tianjin Branch’ MES / POP
    • K-ICT cloud services (N-ERM, N-SSIMS)
    • ‘Yura Corp. MEXICO‘ MES (ALC)
    • ‘Jiangsu Jintech’ MES / POP
    • ‘MPS’ Site monitoring mobile Web
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Construct a homepage of a joint training center for regional industry custom human resources training project
    • 'Ulsan Metropolitan City Authority' ERP Maintenance
    • 'Jiangsu Hanil' VAN System
    • ‘KOSSCO’ Integration Business Management System
    • 'Sejong' e-HR Maintenance
    • ‘DongHee industry’ Packaging field PDA System
    • ‘Phamicell’ Business Integration System
    • ‘HanilEwha Poland corporation’ ERM.SCM System
    • 'Ulsan Metropolitan City Authority' ERP Maintenance
    • ‘GEUK GWANG ELD’ Smart Sales Integrated Management System
    • ‘Hyundai SDI’ Smart Sales Integrated Management System
    • ‘Jiangsu Hanil’ EO,4M Management System
    • ‘HeaKang Shipping Co.’ Tugboat management
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Web Magazine system
    • ‘Il shin Hi-tech’ MRPII
    • ‘Daemyung’ Stored and Released System
    • Packaging field PDA System (KD TECH, WOORI, NAMBU, KYUNGLIM)
    • ‘Youngdong’ Inventory management system
    • ‘Suzhou Huachang Mechanical& Electrical’ ERM/VAN System
    • ‘Jiangsu Hanil’ Mould & Testing System
    • ‘Yancheng Kangsung’ ERP / MES
    • ' Yancheng Keyie' ERP / MES
    • ‘Jiangsu Woga’ ERP / MES
    • ‘Jiangsu Wolgum’ ERP / MES
    • ‘Jiangsu Jintech’ ERP / MES
    • ‘DAE DONG’ ERM System
    • ‘DAE DONG’ Past cars Management System
    • ‘Heungjin Sangun’ Tugboat management
    • ‘Bomyung’ Material Management System
    • ‘ShinHwa In Tech’ ERP System
    • Government R & D projects
    • ‘DAE DONG’ ERM System
    • ‘Jangwon’ Smart Business Management System
    • ‘Segi’ Quotation Management System
    • ‘DAE DONG’ PI Project
    • ‘Ulsan College’ One-Stop resources system
    • ‘UNIST’ Recruitment Management System
    • ‘UNIST’ ITSM
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Submarine EQUIPMENT materials & Production process Performance Management System
    • Government R & D projects
    • ‘UNIST’ ITSM
    • ‘Hyundai Art Museum’ Information Management System
    • ‘Doowon Brasil Coperation’ERP System
    • ‘Hyundai mipo dockyard’ Growing Portal
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Computerized equipment management System
    • ‘HanilEwha‘ ASN System
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Goods management System (Mobile)
    • ‘Hyundai mipo dockyard’ SMS Maintenence
    • 'HanilEwha Brazil corporation' ERM and VAN System
    • ‘DaeIn Chemical’ ERP System
    • Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries‘ MOBILE Ship A/S Systems
    • 'Hyundai Heavy Industries' Technical Education Center System
    • ‘Gori nuclear power plant’ construction field IT business
    • 'Hyundai Heavy Industries' Steel Claim management Mobile Web System
    • 'Hyundai Heavy Industries' Manufactured fittings Application
    • 'Hyundai Heavy Industries' Pipe Fabrication Mobile Application
    • 'LS-Nikko Copper' Logistics system
    • 'HanilEwha' Development of CKD and VAN
    • 'Ulsan Foreign Language Education Center web site
    • 'Jiangsu Hanil' Logistics system
    • Ulsan College of Science Technology Academy training system, Further development
    • 'Shin-Hwa Edtech' production management system
    • 'Hyundai air conditioning' GroupWare system
    • Perform the service industry knowledge
    • 'Sejin Heavy Industries' ‘.NET’ based Framewo
    • '2010 Ulsan Buk-gu agency' information system
    • 'KOLAS' electronic document system
    • 'Shin-Myeong Industry' Waste Management system
    • ‘LS-Nikko’ Project management system
    • ‘SK energy’ Experimental Information Management System
    • ‘Ulsan Buk-gu agency’ web accessibility
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Home page
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Ship resource management system
    • ‘SK energy’ SEAGATE System
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Labor union's homepage
    • ‘SAMSUNG SMD’ Participate in building G-ERP cooperation
    • GroupWare system (Alpha Engineering, Jaesung industry)
    • ‘Pawall tech-win’ Development of USN production facility management system
    • ‘LS-Nikko’ Weighted System
    • Ulsan College of Science Technology Academy training system
    • ‘ILSHIN’ MRP
    • ‘SK energy’ DB management system
    • ‘SK energy’ eMSDS system
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Website Development and learning management system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Technical Education Center System
    • ‘HanilEwha’ VAN/CKD system redevelopment.
    • ‘SK’ operate Truck management system
    • ‘KT’ Website Production Agency
    • ‘HanilEwha’ Website Development Renewal
    • ‘SUKCHEUN’ Waste Management system
    • ‘Stech korea’ Multi-Store management system
    • ‘North Korean Artist Exhibition’ Website Development
    • ‘Ulsan Hyein School’, ‘Ulsan Beomseo High School’ Website Development
    • ‘SK CLX_Incheon’ LIMS
    • ‘Ulsan Small and medium-sized enterprises support Center’homepage
    • 'Pukyong National University' Framework (learning management system)
    • ‘HanilEwha’ Framework (Cost control system)
    • ‘HanilEwha’ VAN/CKD System maintenance
    • ‘SK’ Ulsan CLX Experimental Information Management System
    • ‘SK CLX_Ulasn’ LIMS
    • ‘SK CLX_Ulasn’ In and out support system
    • ‘Ilshin’ Material management system Redevelopment
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Integrated warehouse management system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Andon system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Surplus management system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Outsourcing Production Block Management system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Outsourced design management system
    • ‘Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Material system
    • ‘Daesung Remicon’ ERP system
    • ‘Yongsan’ Unit price information release site
    • Job site maintenance
    • ‘Yongshin ’ Waste Management system
    • ‘Ulsan Beauty professions school’ Website Development
    • 'JoKang Shipping' Tugboat management
    • 'HeaKang Shipping' Tugboat management
    • ‘Wolsong Nuclear ’ Disaster prevention system
    • ‘HanilEwha’ VAN system
    • ‘Wolsong Nuclear ’ Information sharing system
    • ‘Wolsong Nuclear ’ Numerical map of fishing ground and hot wastewater management system
    • Development of homepage for elementary school.( Okseong, Mipo, Paekhap, Bangkee, Hanchon, Yaum, Myeongdeok Elementary School)
    • ‘Ulsan Nam-gu District Council’ Website Development
    • Cinema online reservation system
    • ‘Ulsan College’ Website development
    • Development of homepage for middle School. (Sinjung, Nongso, Eonyang, Ilsan Middle School)
    • Development of homepage for high School. (Namchang, Ulsanjeil, Hyojung, Haksung High School)
    • ‘JIO information’ Online reverse auction site
    • Cyber Hanssem Educational Portal Site Development.
    • ‘DONGJIN Electric&machinery’ sales management system
    • 2001 Participated in Ulsan Venture Fair.
    • ‘CHONGMIN TECH’ Internet Shopping mall
    • ‘HUMANTEMP’ Construction of job search portal site.
    • ‘TAEBONG INDUSTRY’ ERP system devolopment
    • ‘KEUNSOL’ ERP system devolopment
    • ‘NAMYANGMAGIC’ ERP system devolopment
    • ‘Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant’ In and out support system
No.407, 14, Tekeunosaneop-ro 55beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
TEL : 1666-5450
FAX : 052-903-5535

Overseas Subsidiaries
No.203, 50, Jiuhuashan Rd, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
TEL : 0515-8996-9930




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